Event (online): Take part in the Population Reference Bureau’s upcoming Discuss Online “Helping Girls Attain Self-Worth and Self-Sufficiency”

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When: Tuesday, April 27, 2010, 1–2 p.m. (EDT) (GMT -5)

Who: Wendy Baldwin, Vice President and Director of the Poverty, Gender, and Youth Program, Population Council

Where: Go to http://discuss.prb.org. You may submit questions in advance and during the discussion. A full transcript of the questions and answers will be posted after the discussion.

About: Adolescent girls in developing countries confront many of the same challenges as girls do around the globe. But girls in developing countries are more likely to miss out on schooling, leaving them with limited literacy. As they enter adulthood, most will need to earn money and take responsibility for themselves and their families, but they often lack the appropriate social and health assets. Girls may face social isolation—even those living in dense urban areas—and lack essential social networks. Something as simple as an identification card may elude them, leaving them with no evidence of their legitimate place in society and at risk of not qualifying for programs that could help them. A number of programs for adolescent girls within the Population Council’s Poverty, Gender, and Youth Program have sought to address these challenges. Some aim to help girls in urban slums, others reach into rural areas and communities where girls are at high risk of child marriage. These programs seek to increase girls’ skills and assets, establish their self-worth, and raise their value within their families and communities.

Population Reference Bureau

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