Gender and Resilience Working Group Webinar Series

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Please join us Thursday, January 14 at 10am EST for the next session of the Gender & Resilience Working Group Webinar Series.

This webinar is part of a series being rolled out by the Gender & Resilience Working Group, which is led by Mercy Corp and Lutheran World Relief and involves many other organizations. The goal of the webinar series is to share highlights of ongoing work by participating member organizations whether it be research or programs on the ground related to gender and resilience or simply frameworks for looking at gender and resilience.

This session will focus on recent research led by IFPRI on gender and climate change. Elizabeth Bryan, from IFPRI, will give an overview of some recent projects on this topic, Patti Kristjanson, from ICRAF, will discuss highlights of the research from several sites in sub-Saharan Africa, and Agnes Quisumbing, from IFPRI, will present the highlights from a recent study in Bangladesh.

Join the webinar through the following link: :

Please try to connect around 9:45 am to ensure proper connection without disrupting webinar time. Everyone will be muted during the webinar but will be unmuted for Q&A after the presentations.


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