World Food Program Consultancy opportunity

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Through Food assistance For Assets (FFA), WFP provides individuals from vulnerable and food insecure households with food or cash-based transfers to help them meet their household’s short-term food needs, in exchange for their participation in asset creation activities that contribute to building longer-term food security and/or the restoration of community services.

As part of an effort to strengthen existing FFA corporate guidance and field practices, WFP is about to undertake a study aimed at assessing the gender contribution of FFA, with a particular focus on women’s socioeconomic empowerment and women’s nutrition. The study is expected to demonstrate how FFA programmes – through their planning, design and implementation modalities, but also through the transfer they provide, the assets they build and the complementary activities with which they are integrated – can and should support a transformation of unequal gender relations to promote shared power, control of resources and decision-making between women and men, and ultimately serve as an effective tool to improve women’s nutrition.

WFP is looking for a senior consultant to undertake this study, for an estimated period of 4 to 6 months in 2016. The total workload is estimated at 80 working days, which should not necessarily be consecutive, and shall include missions to WFP HQ in Rome as well as to five countries where FFA is being implemented. The consultant should be highly specialized and qualified in the fields of gender and nutrition, with complementary knowledge on livelihoods and food security as well as on FFA-type projects. He/She will be given the possibility to mobilize additional junior and/or field-based consultants during specific periods of time when he/she will require technical support, within a budget range that is to be agreed with WFP.

All detailed information on the rationale, objectives and proposed modalities for the study are presented in the attached ToR’s: ToR_WFP Food assistance for assets project

If you wish to apply for this senior consultancy position please send your CV to Damien Vaquier ( and Johanna Gårdesten ( by Monday 22nd February.


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