CALL FOR PAPERS: India, Gender & Food Security Papers

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Open Window:  12 MAY 2016 – 27 MAY 2016

The India Food Security Portal,facilitated by IFPRI, is organizing a one day workshop on Gender and Food Security in India to be held on August 29 in New Delhi. As noted in a recent blog, women’s participation in food production often goes unrecorded but is critical to ensuring access and utilization of food in India. For this reason, a workshop entitled “Gender-Just Food Security” was held in December in Gujarat; for a summary of those discussions, visit our blog.  For this follow-up event, we plan to carry those discussions forward and bring together national policy makers, researchers, donors and implementers to present the most recent evidence on gender and food security in India that will contribute to the ongoing local policy debate.

With this in mind, we are initiating a call for policy briefs or short papers on a number of topics that are relevant to gender and food security in India.  To understand what evidence is emerging from studies on issues around gender and food security, we invite researchers to submit research abstracts on ongoing or completed studies that can help inform the discussion. Examples of research abstracts could include but are not limited to the following:

  • Gender, Drought and Food Security
  • Gender and Social Safety Nets (e.g., Public Distribution System and MNREGA)
  • Gender and the labour market
  • Gender and Agricultural technology adoption
  • Unpaid care work of women and food security
  • Gender and energy for sustainable development
  • Gender-based violence and food security
  • Women’s collectivization and greater access to food security
  • Maternal entitlements
  • Nutritional interventions, gender and food security (Mid-day meals, ICDS)
  • Nutrition-sensitive agriculture
  • Experiential evidence on gender and food security

Abstract submission and review process:

Abstracts must be submitted by Friday May 27, 2016, at 5pm IST.

Submission Guidelines for Research Abstract

Abstracts will have a word limit of 500 words, not including title, geographic location, author names, affiliations, and funding support.  Please review the following indicative questions to help with the abstract development. Please note that these are only indicative and we do not expect full responses to these questions in all abstracts; you may include other issues in your abstract that are of relevance to the workshop theme.

Each 500-word abstract should address the following:

Background and study objectives: [Indicative areas to address in this section: What was the motivation and purpose of the study? What was the objective of the research? [Word limit: 90]

Research methods: What specific data collection methods were used? What data analysis approaches were used? What was the analysis framework (if relevant)? [Word limit: 200]

Results: What were your key findings of this study? [Word limit: 100]

Significance and policy implication: What do you think are the lessons from this research for others working on the issues of Gender and Food Security? What do your results say about the potential policy implications? [Word limit: 90]

Supporting websites/documents: Please include here links (if any) to any websites that might provide more information.

This information should be entered on this form.  Send completed form to

A review committee from IFPRI will select 10–12 of the submitted abstracts to be featured as written policy briefs and oral presentations at the workshop. The committee will review these based on 1) relevance to the event theme, 2) practical application and policy implication, and 3) clarity and completeness of abstract.

Abstracts chosen for presentation at the workshop will be notified by email by June 1, 2016 and a modest honorarium will be paid for selected briefs.

Selected abstract: If your abstract is accepted as a case study, the team from IFPRI-Food Security Portal will work with you between 1June-15 August 2016 to develop a 4-page case study that will be printed and distributed at the workshop.

Eligibility Criteria

All researchers or research organizations are invited to apply (with preference given to those based in India).

If you any questions, please feel free to write to us at:

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