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EMPLOYMENT: Senior Program Officer, Gender Equality at Gates Foundation


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Assist the Director, Gender Equality, in driving the Gender Equality cross-foundation vision:

The Senior Program Officer, Gender Equality will work with the Director, Gender Equality to develop a cross-foundation Statement of Commitment and associated programmatic theory of change on gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. The Senior Program Officer, Gender Equality will provide program-specific technical support to the development of a time-bound foundation-wide strategy on gender equality which articulates how the foundation will achieve its overarching commitments to gender equality, including through strategic investments with partners.

Strategic Counsel to and resource for the Program Strategy Teams (PSTs):

The SPO Gender Equality will advise and bring subject matter expertise to GD teams as they address the specific needs of women and girls and explore where gender equality/girls and women’s empowerment may make a difference in their strategies. This role will help support teams in crafting strategic questions about the role of gender equality and women’s empowerment in their programs, and assist teams in identifying appropriate data and evidence to support their strategic inquiries.

To that end, the Senior Program Officer, Gender Equality will work together with targeted PSTs to develop a sector specific strategic approach on gender equality, defining the plan, driving the execution and measuring the progress under the direction of the Director of Gender Equality. The Senior Program Officer, Gender Equality will collaborate with at least 4 prioritized PSTs and the India Country Office, to develop a targeted gender strategy, identify data gaps and investment opportunities that accelerate overall impact within and across PSTs. The Senior Program Officer, Gender Equality will carefully structure this deep technical work around an Action-Learning approach that tracks the changes in program effectiveness for women and girls, and inspires learning across the foundation. The Senior Program Officer, Gender Equality will also develop practical program tools to guide and support the integration of gender equality within grants across PSTs (i.e. program design and evaluation tools, gender analysis).

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EMPLOYMENT: Gender Land Tenure Specialist (Landesa)

Gender Land Tenure Specialist (Mid Level)

Position Title:            Gender Land Tenure Specialist (Mid Level)

Status:                        Regular, Full Time

Location:                    Seattle or Washington DC

Classification:           Exempt (Not Eligible for Overtime Pay)

Date:                           May 2016

Job Summary:  Within a variety of country contexts, the Gender and Land Tenure Specialist provides policy, analytical and program implementation expertise on women’s land rights, including access to property and inheritance, rural land tenure security, access to land, land rights formalization, land markets, land administration and management, and resolution of land and related disputes with a focus on impacts on women and their families. The Specialist will provide technical inputs related to women’s rights and gender; support integrating gender expertise across programs and projects; and participate in global advocacy efforts around women’s land rights, including linking land rights to other human rights and related fields such as gender-based violence, health, food security, agricultural productivity and natural resource management, and climate change.

The Specialist conducts gender-based analyses (both from the desk and in the field), drafts research and briefing papers, advisory memos, training modules, presentations, advocacy materials, and other products. In a complementary manner, the Specialist manages related assignments, projects, and tasks, and also contributes to the pursuit of private donor funding, fee-for-service opportunities, and public sector grants. The Specialist will be responsible for collaborating with a number of individuals, teams, and partnerships across the organization and in external networks and coalitions.

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EMPLOYMENT: Gender Postdoctoral Fellow – Livestock Plus (CIAT)

Gender Postdoctoral Fellow- Livestock Plus

CIAT is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow to address the key research question: How can Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) be designed and implemented to promote inclusiveness, social equity and decrease existing gender gaps?

The Postdoctoral Fellow will be expected to work closely with a team of researchers from CIAT and partner organizations to include gender research in the LivestockPlus project. This project, which is part of the CCAFS, aims to reduce emissions from the cattle sector by promoting sustainable agricultural systems that include tropical forages and improved animal feeding practices.

Specifically, the Postdoctoral Fellow is expected to investigate gender roles and inequalities in the cattle sector in Costa Rica and Colombia as a baseline exercise. Then, work in collaboration with the LivestockPlus team to determine how various NAMAs may impact gender roles and inequalities and how gender relations may impact the uptake of NAMAs by farmers in the cattle sector.

The position will be based at CIAT Headquarters in Palmira, Colombia.

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Gender project officer with Tanzania Natural Resource Forum

Click here to read the full Terms of Reference. The deadline to apply is April 11th.

With global attention focused on inequitable land-related investments, governments, donors, civil society, and the private sector have come together to improve land governance and investment practices. The African Union’s Guiding Principles on Large Scale Land Based Investments, the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (VGGT), and other standards and principles are emblematic of the international community’s commitment to improving policy and practice leading to socially responsible land-related investments.
The Responsible Investments in Property and Land (RIPL) project contributes to these on-going global efforts by supporting the participation and empowerment of communities, governments, and investors in such investments. Significantly, RIPL is committed to facilitating gender-equitable investments in land to ensure that women and men are not harmed by such investments and that women and men share equally in the benefits of investments.
The primary output of the RIPL project, in partnership with local land tenure experts, is the development of how-to guides, called “Playbooks,” for each stakeholder group (one for communities, one for investors, and one for government). The Playbooks will be developed in two focus countries—Tanzania and Ghana. These country-specific Playbooks will, in turn, inform the development of Model Playbooks that can be used as templates in other countries.

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Visiting researcher position: CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network Communications support

The visiting researcher will support the Communications and Knowledge Management Coordinator for the Gender Network and be responsible for generating, editing and curating content and special features, including social media for the gender network’s website and related online channels, with the aim of increasing the sites’ effectiveness in attracting and engaging with target audiences such as network members and donors.

Please send a cover letter, curriculum vitae or resume (less than 2 pages), and names and email addresses of three referees knowledgeable about the candidate’s professional qualifications and work experience.

All correspondence should be addressed to Martina Mascarenhas (m.mascarenhas@cgiar.org) and must include “Visiting Researcher: CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research network Communications” in the subject line.

Applications received after 30 April 2016 will not be considered. To learn more about the CGIAR Gender and Agriculture Research Network visit: gender.cgiar.org.

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Center for Global Development seeking consultants for An Update to A Roadmap for Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment

The Center for Global Development (CGD) is conducting a systematic review of the most recent evidence since A Roadmap for Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment was produced by the United Nations Foundation with support from the ExxonMobil Foundation in September 2013. A partial update was published in The World Bank Research Observer in 2014. This project, which will serve as a collaboration between CGD, the United Nations Foundation (UNF), and the ExxonMobil Foundation, will identify potential new interventions that increase women’s productivity and earnings in developing country contexts. Please see the request for proposals and terms of reference for this project:

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Landesa hiring Senior Research and Evaluation Specialist

Landesa is hiring for a Senior Research and Evaluation Specialist. This is an exciting time for those of us working on land rights – a sector in which the challenges to be addressed continue to be enormous and the opportunities to contribute expand by the day.

You can find detailed information at: http://www.landesa.org/jobs/senior-research-and-evaluation-specialist/  and may also contact my colleague, Karina Kloos (karinak@landesa.org) for any questions.

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World Food Program Consultancy opportunity

Through Food assistance For Assets (FFA), WFP provides individuals from vulnerable and food insecure households with food or cash-based transfers to help them meet their household’s short-term food needs, in exchange for their participation in asset creation activities that contribute to building longer-term food security and/or the restoration of community services.

As part of an effort to strengthen existing FFA corporate guidance and field practices, WFP is about to undertake a study aimed at assessing the gender contribution of FFA, with a particular focus on women’s socioeconomic empowerment and women’s nutrition. The study is expected to demonstrate how FFA programmes – through their planning, design and implementation modalities, but also through the transfer they provide, the assets they build and the complementary activities with which they are integrated – can and should support a transformation of unequal gender relations to promote shared power, control of resources and decision-making between women and men, and ultimately serve as an effective tool to improve women’s nutrition.

WFP is looking for a senior consultant to undertake this study, for an estimated period of 4 to 6 months in 2016. The total workload is estimated at 80 working days, which should not necessarily be consecutive, and shall include missions to WFP HQ in Rome as well as to five countries where FFA is being implemented. The consultant should be highly specialized and qualified in the fields of gender and nutrition, with complementary knowledge on livelihoods and food security as well as on FFA-type projects. He/She will be given the possibility to mobilize additional junior and/or field-based consultants during specific periods of time when he/she will require technical support, within a budget range that is to be agreed with WFP.

All detailed information on the rationale, objectives and proposed modalities for the study are presented in the attached ToR’s: ToR_WFP Food assistance for assets project

If you wish to apply for this senior consultancy position please send your CV to Damien Vaquier (damien.vaquier@wfp.org) and Johanna Gårdesten (johanna.gardesten@wfp.org) by Monday 22nd February.

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Women’s Land Rights Visiting Professionals Program

The Landesa Center for Women’s Land Rights and our partner Resource Equity are pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for our Women’s Land Rights Visiting Professionals Program.

Through this program we seek to cultivate a network of qualified professionals from the developing world who are strongly committed to strengthening women’s land rights at local, national, and international levels. Our goal is to boost these visiting professionals’ capacities by fostering cross-cultural connections and enhancing their ability to advocate for and reinforce their commitment to improving women’s land rights.

The program starts with a multiweek (approximately five to six weeks) intensive at Landesa’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA. Because of funding requirements, this year’s class will consist of professionals from India, China, Ghana, Liberia, and Tanzania, and they will join us in September 2016.

We invite you to consider this opportunity and would be very grateful if you could also help us by reaching out to qualified candidates, organizations, and/or networks and forward this information to them.

For more information on the program and application instructions, please visit the Visiting Professionals Program page of Landesa’s website.

If you have any questions, please contact vpp@landesa.org.

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UNIDO hiring gender expert

The Office for Gender Mainstreaming, Ethics and Accountability (ODG/GEA) of UNIDO is  looking for a Gender Expert to coordinate the gender mainstreaming functions of the office. For more information, please read the TORs: UNIDO_Gender Expert vacancy

The deadline to apply is 26 January 2016.