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New online discussion on Food Security, Gender Equality and Peace-Building

The Institute of Development Studies and the FAO are launching an online discussion as part of the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition to better understand the potential interactions between food security, gender equality, and peace-building. The discussion will help to identify entry points for policy interventions that support food security and build resilience among men and women in conflict-affected contexts in ways that promote greater gender equality and sustainable peace.

Please view and participate in the online forum here until July 31, 2015.

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Call for Papers: Panel on the Diffusion of Women’s Rights Norms in Post-War Contexts

European Consortium for Political Research

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News: New female police officers begin training for the field

07 March 2010 – More than thirty female police officers have today begun training in Gender, Child Protection and Community Policing courses before their deployment for field duty assignments in all three Darfur states.

The officers, who form UNAMID’s first-ever all female police contingent, had arrived in El Fasher late last month from Namibia and Tanzania.

The five-day training will place emphasis on the issues surrounding gender-based violence and child abuse in order for peacekeepers to better assist those most affected by the conflict. The women officers are in a unique position to provide help as many of the victims of this violence find these officers as better able to understand their trauma.

While deployment of UNAMID’s police force has reached 76%, only 310 of the Mission’s 2898 police advisors are women.

Source: UNAMID

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Event: Gender and Conflict Research Workshop

World Bank, Washington, D.C., 10 June 2010.
This workshop will present analytical research work commissioned by The World Bank on gender and conflict. The work was carried out by a group of HiCN researchers and will be used as background research for the two forthcoming World Development Reports on Security and Conflict and on Gender.

Women and men experience violent conflict differently, as actors, perpetrators and victims. Empirical analysis of the gender-differential is necessary to gain recognition of and muster support for a gendered approach in programs targeted at populations in conflict areas. Gender inequalities which existed before a conflict can be aggravated because of the conflict, but they can also radically alter. Under the direction of Philip Verwimp, six country case studies address the same set of questions and use similar methods.

Please click here to view the draft workshop schedule.